ORANGE Asmara is an IT company with its headquarters in Asmara, Eritrea. ORANGE Asmara provides quality services across a broad range of areas. Our goal is to provide our customers with a combination of high quality and low maintenance solutions, excellence in personalized attention, and a foresight for growth and flexibility.

Welcome to Orange Asmara
Located in Asmara Eritrea, Providing IT Solutions

Our services range from PC maintenance to Management Information Systems development making us a total IT solutions provider. We are proud to have bright and hard working team in all the departments.

We have been pioneers in introducing new technologies in the State of Eritrea since our inception. We were the first company to install the first commercial wi-fi and later introduced a comprehensive billing system.  When Eritrean Telecommunications Corporation (Eritel) introduced dedicated bandwidth service via ADSL, we introduced a complete bandwidth management solution for our customers relieving them from frustrations and giving them complete control on their bandwidth getting us appraisal from Eritel. Read More »

What We Do
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