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Company History

Orange Asmara was established in 2003. The founders had the vision of transforming IT services in Eritrea by introducing innovative products and customer centric approach. Understanding the demand and need for cutting edge solutions and delivering services with first-class customer interaction in Eritrea was the unique approach that Orange followed in the years to come. That helped it in being the first company to introduce unique kind of PC/Network service contracts, Wi-fi billing system and the ADSL bandwidth management solutions.

Orange grew even into achieving a larger staff and resources in 2009. That helped it in getting even more market share in the IT industry and enlarge its clientele base. It is also in this year that we introduced our own Content Management System (CMS) making our customer’s websites easily manageable. The solution mixed with the aesthetic beauty of the websites we were known of, helped us in being the leading web development company.

Currently, Orange is going from strength to strength as far as the solutions that it produces and customer satisfaction and retention is concerned. We believe that we will give even better services to our customers and prospective customers in the future.


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