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Software Interoperability Test
Software Interoperability Test

Reprogramming @ Orange Office
Reprogramming @ Orange Office

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Software Interoperability Test

Success stories

We have made monumental achievements in the years of our existence. The following are some of the success stories and solutions the company has.

First Commercial Wi-Fi installer
One of the biggest achievements that we had was that we were the first company to install the first commercial Wi-fi system. We also take pride in the fact that we also introduced a wireless billing solution that help owners control their revenue. Since then, we have installed Wi-fi in most of the major hotels and businesses.

Comprehensive bandwidth management introduction
With the introduction of ADSL Internet in Eritrea, comprehensive bandwidth solutions were deemed integral part of any network. Orange introduced a complete solution getting it high credit from customers. Our pool of customers includes ministries, hotels and small businesses.

Flexible maintenance service contracts
Orange is known for the personalized attention it gives for its PC/Network/Web service contract customers. Our contracts have made us exceptional since it makes us a full IT service company. Once any tailored software is finished, our maintenance team will continue to support the customer in a day to day operations understanding where the customer fails or where the software needs update to create ease for user experience. Our service contracts are very flexible starting from single PC service contract to web site maintenance contracts.

Development of user friendly web content management system
A customized web content management system is adaptable and can be made highly user friendly. Our web team has developed its own web content management system and has used it to develop customers' web sites making their web update experience trouble-free and doable.


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